Month: October 2013

Chanukah Gelt Chocolate Coins

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Chanukah, Hanukah, The Holiday of Lights…. Whatever you may call it, it’s right around the corner.  On the night of November 27th we light the first candle and the traditional gift giving ceremony takes center stage.  I don’t know about your houses, but my kids seem to think that  Chanukah is all about gifts.  On an  idealistic level I would like them to understand the history and meaning and beauty behind the holiday.   But let’s be realistic.  They want presents.  And their expectations get bigger and more ludicrous.  My son asked me for a cotton candy machine.  (huh?)  Where is he gonna keep it?  Upstairs  in his room on his desk?! I can see my dentist liking this post…

He wants to invite the neighborhood over  every afternoon for cotton candy.  I nixed that request pretty fast.  I suggested Monopoly instead.  He just rolled his eyes.  I guess I’m not staying current with what the kids nowadays find exciting!

What I have discovered after living for 14 years with children who want presents every Chanukah, is that I can never go wrong with chocolate coins.  Kids of all ages love getting that little mesh bag of coins (ok, ok, I admit to sneaking one for myself as well).

Here’s your dose of spiritual mysticism for the day:

What do coins have to do with Chanukah?  What’s the basis for the tradition of “Chanukah Gelt”? Read the rest of this entry »