Corporate Holiday Gifts

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‘Tis the season of gift giving. Businesses all over the world, regardless of religious affiliations, are sending out gift baskets and holiday packages to show that they value their business relationships with their customers and affiliates.
It’s an age old tradition, and relationships have been made and broken over this important custom.
So what do you do to make sure that the money you are spending on your corporate gifts is going to good use?
You can’t go wrong buying a kosher corporate gift. Kosher consumerism is at an all time high, with with more than 11.2 million Americans regularly buying kosher food, an impressive 13 percent of the adult consumer population.
Kosher isn’t only for Jewish eaters. Of the total number of consumers who purchase kosher fare, only 14 percent do so because they observe kosher laws. The rest have entirely different reasons for buying kosher. Vegetarians are frequent kosher consumers, as are lactose-intolerant individuals. They rely upon the kosher symbols that designate products into different food categories. For a product to be certified kosher, it has to be under the supervision of a kosher agency, and subjected to numerous checks and rules to ensure its kosher status. Included among these strict kosher guidelines is a complete separation between meat ingredients and dairy ingredients. Foods may not contain both meat and dairy ingredients nor may meat foods be eaten at the same meal with dairy foods (and vice versa), even though both are independently kosher.
Other religious folk, like Seventh Day Adventists, who eat only biblically permitted animals, and Muslims, who only eat Halal meat, rely on kosher food. Vegans, too, for whom only parve food is permissible, count on the parve label. Even individuals who have Celiac Disease and require gluten-free food are part of the kosher ecosystem. On Passover, when wheat consumption is prohibited for Jews, all food products are manufactured without that ingredient. Gluten-free consumers buy many kosher for Passover products during that holiday and keep them for round-the-year use.
The absolute nature of kosher food is what attracts its non-Jewish consumers. The vast and stringent regulations to which the food manufacturers must agree and adhere to, provides all kosher-buying consumers with a comfort level that what they think they’re buying really is what they are buying.
Only Kosher Candy has an eye catching line up of Corporate Gift Baskets. All items are certified kosher by the Star K.
Click here to view their full line of Holiday Corporate Gifts in all price ranges.


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