Customize Your Corporate Gift Baskets

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Custom Gift Basket

A year ago I was at the bank waiting for a customer service rep to be available. I felt like everyone was too busy to assist me. I waited forever, and the interaction was brusque and impersonal. I decided to do an experiment and sent a corporate gift basket to my local branch. I made sure to send a large size card prominently displayed in the front with my logo on it. I wanted to impress upon them that this was from me and my company. The only way to do that is with visuals. The next time I came in, I was treated like a visiting celebrity! “Hi Mr. X, how can we help you today?” there were lots of smiles and chatting and the experience was a complete turnaround from my prior experience.
The fact is that gifts work. We all love receiving a gift, whether it’s in recognition of an event, our hard work or a service we perform. It’s universal; bridging religion, culture and age. Most companies send gifts annually to their lawyer, banker, insurance agent, realtor, investment adviser or anyone else whom they deal with on a regular basis. This gives them a small edge over the other people who are serviced by that firm or individual. It makes them stick out as someone to treat with “kid gloves”. It’s an acceptable, and almost expected, form of bribery. Once you are sending something, make sure you aren’t losing out on corporate recognition. Have your logo and company name featured front and center on a beautiful card displayed on your corporate gift basket.
It’s smart business sense and doesn’t cost you anything extra.
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