Month: November 2014

Spider Cupcakes

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My daughter’s 4th birthday is this week, and I decided that I was in the mood of spider cupcakes.  She wanted pink cupcakes with frosting.  I don’t know why I was in the mood of spiders, but they came out so adorable, that she actually forgot about the pink frosted sprinkle theme and was very excited about her spider cupcakes.

I think you will agree that these cupcakes take the cake in originality and cuteness.  They are really simple to make, and you can get all the candy you need from www. making them a cinch to make.

Step 1:

Make your favorite chocolate cupcakes from any chocolate cake mix or chocolate cake recipe. Allow to cool.




Make a chocolate icing, frosting or ganache, your choice.   While still wet, dip into a plate of chocolate sprinkles to give it that “hairy” look.





Cut a regular size white marshmallow (click here to purchase Kosher Fish Gelatin Marshmallows) in half so that you have 2 flat circles.  These are you eyeballs.  Cut a jolly rancher in half so you have 2 “pupils” (Click here to purchase Kosher Jolly Ranchers).   Attach the jolly rancher piece to the cut side of the marshmallow which will be sticky and easy to adhere to.IMG_0469

Using a small dot of icing, attach the marshmallow eyes to your sprinkle cupcake.




Make 8 legs.  Using Eats n’ Crafts candy rope, (click here to purchase Kosher Eats ‘n Crafts Rope) cut each string into 8 pieces – or any desired length.  Use a wooden skewer to poke 4 holes on each side of the spider cupcake.  Insert you piece of rope candy into each hole.

IMG_0465               IMG_0466


You’re done.  Delicious, Adorable, Original. is your one stop source for Kosher Marshmallows, Kosher Jolly Ranchers and Paskesz Eats n’ Crafts.  Visit to see our full selection of Kosher Candies and gift baskets.