Kosher Camp Packages

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My girls are off to camp in 2 weeks. I have a love hate relationship with overnight camp. I love the fact that my children are in a great environment for a month of the LOOOOONG summer, but I hate the cost, and I hate the work entailed in getting them ready for camp. Another thing I hate is the expectations the campers have of receiving camp packages. That might sound weird coming from a blogger who writes for a candy company – but let’s face it, don’t we all want to buck that trend? Away with visiting day and away with camp care packages?! So I trudge to the local kosher candy store 2 days after send-off and spend tons more money on junk. Then I have to package it and go to the post office. Wait on an interminably long line. Pay another small fortune in shipping (of course it’s to two different camps, the kids can’t attend the same camp and make life simpler!). All this time and effort so that when the first weekend rolls around you kids aren’t the only ones in the bunk without proof that Mom and Dad really love them. Sigh.
So last summer I got smart. I went online in my air conditioned office to then I perused their extensive collection of kosher camp packages and with a click of my mouse they were on their way. Free shipping too on ALL camp packages! No trip to the kosher supermarket, no waiting in lines at the post office, and when I figured out the cost of what my camp packages used to cost me versus what I spent on the ready made and shipped variety, I didn’t end up spending any more money. A no brainer.

Another fun addition this year is an optional Binah Bunch or Mishpacha Junior.  You can add either of these publications to most of the camp packages for a nominal fee.
Sweet Cylinder Camp Pack


I want to highlight some of my favorite camp packages. The #1 reason why I chose these items were because of the rave reviews from my kids. What a statement when they walked from the camp office to their bunks bearing aloft their Sweet Cylinder Camp Pack. A clear 18” shipping cylinder filled with color coordinated candy that just begs to be shared with their friends. At only $24.50 including shipping, this Sweet Cylinder Camp Package is a budget friendly “I Love You Kids” statement.
My other fave is the Camp Flyer Candy Package. This turquoise Frisbee is packed with the chewy delights that kids just Camp Flyercan’t get enough of. My daughter loved the fact that she had a Frisbee to throw around with her bunkmates.
The other show stopper camp package is the Fedora Camp Package. With an assortment of kosher candy packaged in an uber cool fedora, you are showing your style! Your child will love wearing this funky fedora around camp.
Fedora Camp Pack



Enjoy the camp packages on display at and make your hot, tiresome, camp package shopping and shipping a thing of the past.


I hope your summer is relaxing and enjoyable. Stay cool!


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