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Rosh Hashanah Symbolism

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Everything in Judaism is so steeped in symbolism.  Many things that we practice by rote has deeply esoteric meaning.  On the first night of Rosh Hashanah it is customary to greet each member of your household with the phrase in hebrew “For a good year may you be inscribed and sealed”.  Friendship and brotherhood are very deep tenets of Judaism and especially so on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.  The days of Rosh Hashanah have a special spiritual power and a unique holiness.  In order to tap into this power, we need to open our hearts to be filled with brotherly love.  This is hinted to in the root of the hebrew word Teruah (the sound described to the shofar blowing) and the root of the hebrew word for brotherhood – Rei’us.  They both share the same hebrew root to allude to the fact that only with friendship and brotherhood in our hearts can the holy and cleansing effect of Rosh Hashanah be manifest.

With this new found insight into the power of friendship and its connection to Rosh Hashanah, we can now understand the significance of sending our loved ones and acquaintances a Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah Gift Basket.  Only Kosher Candy ( has just rolled out their new line of breathtaking Rosh Hashanah Gift Baskets which are filled with all the traditional symbolic Jewish foods (which we discussed in last year’s Rosh Hashanah blog). Succulent red apples, gourmet honey and more.

Only Kosher Candy prides themselves on providing you with the finest products in their exclusively designed gifts.  They only use top of the line honey from Savannah Bee Honey Company ( view their site for insights into their process of producing the finest honey in the country.


Rosh Hashanah gift baskets are available in all price ranges and styles.  View for a full listing of all the Rosh Hashanah gift baskets available.



Rosh Hashana Gifts

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I grew up with this ditty and now my kids are coming home singing it too:

“Dip the apple, in the honey, make a bracha loud and clear.  L’Shana Tova Umetukah, Have a happy sweet new year!”

What is the significance of honey?  What is the significance of an apple?  Nothing in Judaism is “just because”.  Every tradition has been honored through the generations and has deep meaning.   We eat sweet foods to express our fervent desire that the new year should be sweet with goodness and happiness.  We customarily refrain from sharp, bitter and sour foods to keep this theme of sweetness at the fore.   The reason we specifically use the apple is quite deep and esoteric and a number of interesting reasons are brought down on’s website (

Here at Only Kosher Candy ( we take the business of apples and honey very seriously.  Wishing family and friends a happy Jewish new year shows our loved ones that we value our relationship and wish them only future goodness and happiness.  This is portrayed with our selection of sweet holiday gift packages.  I will highlight a few here in this blog, please visit our website for a full listing of Rosh Hashana gift baskets.

Apple Shaped Honey Basket


The Apple Shaped Honey Basket is only $21.50 and includes a gold filigree apple shaped basket filled with artisan honey from Savannah Bee.  The filler candies are honey flavored chewy salt water taffies.  A truly tasteful and appropriate way to wish Happy New Year.



Apples ‘n Honey Bucket




If you’re more of a country style person then this next gift basket is for you.
Beautifully displayed in a red bucket are: Savannah Bee’s Wildflower Honey, Matt’s Munchies apple flavored snacks and Apple look-alike gumballs.  All wrapped up and ready to go with a wooden honey dipper included.




If you’re looking for something a little different, then this whimsical bee motif jute bag is for you.  A three compartment bag with wooden handles displaying Savannah Bee’s Honey for Tea, Dried Kiwis and Jelly Fruit Slices.  Priced at $25 you can send one to your in-law’s, your librarian and your doctor and spread the good wishes.

Triple Bee Bag



There are plenty more baskets in all price ranges to be found on Only Kosher Candy’s website In addition to the extensive selection, the prices are low and the service is high. Wishing you and your family a new year full of health, happiness and peace.

Purim Gift Baskets Mishloach Manos

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For centuries, Jews around the world, have been celebrating the holiday of Purim with the important law of giving a gift of 2 prepared food items to a friend.  Giving fosters love, and  how appropriate it is in today’s times to spread the love.

Most people I know give more than 2 foods and their recipient list is definitely longer than just 1 recipient.  In the small world that we live in, family members and friends live across the country and around the globe.  While delivering Mishloach Manos to all our loved ones in person is an impossible feat, sending a Purim Gift Basket is made easier with Only Kosher Candy (

Our teachers and Rabbis are traditionally given a more honorable, costly Mishloach Manos, while our children’s friends are happy with a small treat.  Our own friends fall somewhere in the middle.  Being intimately familiar with the needs of our customers, Only Kosher Candy has put together a 2014 Purim Gift Basket collection that is original and breathtaking.  Catering to all budgets, tastes, styles and preferences, there is something for everyone.

I will highlight a couple of items here.

Fruit Filled Carafe
Fruit Filled Carafe

My personal favorite is the TAG Viva Water Carafe filled with a fresh selection of dried fruits or nuts.  I love the fact that it’s not another cardboard box to throw away when the day is over.   This ingenious water carafe is leak proof and stylish.  Crafted in Scandinavia, it’s sleek design and functionality make a showstopping impression.

Priced at only $36, this is a budget conscious decision, noting that the carafe itself retails for over $20.

My next spotlight is on a simple chic design that is eye catching in it’s  color coordination and layout.

Reptile Print Purim Tray
Reptile Print Purim Tray

This reptile print platter is another reusable item that you or your recipient will enjoy for many seasons to come.  Priced at $22.50, you CAN make a statement without breaking the bank.  Containing the most exciting kosher candies currently on the market, the content is as discriminating as the presentation!

Giving to the kids’ friends is always a challenge.  They each want to give to a number of friends and depending on your family size things can easily get out of hand.  Here are 3 ideas that will take your budget and your children’s excitement into account.  The  Purim Purse and the Purim Candy Kit are only $1.85 and $2.10 respectively and will delight your little ones’ recipients.


Hot Chocolate Box
Hot Chocolate Box

For your older kids, the Hot Cholocate box is sure to amaze.  This cardboard box with viewing window is filled with hot chocolate paraphernalia and sweets.

So that’s a small preview of what’s in store at for Purim 2014.  Don’t wait for the last minute, have your Purim orders out of the way so that you can focus on the other excitements of the day.  What are your kids dressing up as???

Customize Your Corporate Gift Baskets

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Custom Gift Basket

A year ago I was at the bank waiting for a customer service rep to be available. I felt like everyone was too busy to assist me. I waited forever, and the interaction was brusque and impersonal. I decided to do an experiment and sent a corporate gift basket to my local branch. I made sure to send a large size card prominently displayed in the front with my logo on it. I wanted to impress upon them that this was from me and my company. The only way to do that is with visuals. The next time I came in, I was treated like a visiting celebrity! “Hi Mr. X, how can we help you today?” there were lots of smiles and chatting and the experience was a complete turnaround from my prior experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Corporate Holiday Gifts

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‘Tis the season of gift giving. Businesses all over the world, regardless of religious affiliations, are sending out gift baskets and holiday packages to show that they value their business relationships with their customers and affiliates.
It’s an age old tradition, and relationships have been made and broken over this important custom.
So what do you do to make sure that the money you are spending on your corporate gifts is going to good use?
You can’t go wrong buying a kosher corporate gift. Kosher consumerism is at an all time high, with with more than 11.2 million Americans regularly buying kosher food, an impressive 13 percent of the adult consumer population. Read the rest of this entry »