Purim Gift Baskets Mishloach Manos

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For centuries, Jews around the world, have been celebrating the holiday of Purim with the important law of giving a gift of 2 prepared food items to a friend.  Giving fosters love, and  how appropriate it is in today’s times to spread the love.

Most people I know give more than 2 foods and their recipient list is definitely longer than just 1 recipient.  In the small world that we live in, family members and friends live across the country and around the globe.  While delivering Mishloach Manos to all our loved ones in person is an impossible feat, sending a Purim Gift Basket is made easier with Only Kosher Candy (www.onlykoshercandy.com)

Our teachers and Rabbis are traditionally given a more honorable, costly Mishloach Manos, while our children’s friends are happy with a small treat.  Our own friends fall somewhere in the middle.  Being intimately familiar with the needs of our customers, Only Kosher Candy has put together a 2014 Purim Gift Basket collection that is original and breathtaking.  Catering to all budgets, tastes, styles and preferences, there is something for everyone.

I will highlight a couple of items here.

Fruit Filled Carafe
Fruit Filled Carafe

My personal favorite is the TAG Viva Water Carafe filled with a fresh selection of dried fruits or nuts.  I love the fact that it’s not another cardboard box to throw away when the day is over.   This ingenious water carafe is leak proof and stylish.  Crafted in Scandinavia, it’s sleek design and functionality make a showstopping impression.

Priced at only $36, this is a budget conscious decision, noting that the carafe itself retails for over $20.

My next spotlight is on a simple chic design that is eye catching in it’s  color coordination and layout.

Reptile Print Purim Tray
Reptile Print Purim Tray

This reptile print platter is another reusable item that you or your recipient will enjoy for many seasons to come.  Priced at $22.50, you CAN make a statement without breaking the bank.  Containing the most exciting kosher candies currently on the market, the content is as discriminating as the presentation!

Giving to the kids’ friends is always a challenge.  They each want to give to a number of friends and depending on your family size things can easily get out of hand.  Here are 3 ideas that will take your budget and your children’s excitement into account.  The  Purim Purse and the Purim Candy Kit are only $1.85 and $2.10 respectively and will delight your little ones’ recipients.


Hot Chocolate Box
Hot Chocolate Box

For your older kids, the Hot Cholocate box is sure to amaze.  This cardboard box with viewing window is filled with hot chocolate paraphernalia and sweets.

So that’s a small preview of what’s in store at www.OnlyKosherCandy.com for Purim 2014.  Don’t wait for the last minute, have your Purim orders out of the way so that you can focus on the other excitements of the day.  What are your kids dressing up as???