Rosh Hashanah Symbolism

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Everything in Judaism is so steeped in symbolism.  Many things that we practice by rote has deeply esoteric meaning.  On the first night of Rosh Hashanah it is customary to greet each member of your household with the phrase in hebrew “For a good year may you be inscribed and sealed”.  Friendship and brotherhood are very deep tenets of Judaism and especially so on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.  The days of Rosh Hashanah have a special spiritual power and a unique holiness.  In order to tap into this power, we need to open our hearts to be filled with brotherly love.  This is hinted to in the root of the hebrew word Teruah (the sound described to the shofar blowing) and the root of the hebrew word for brotherhood – Rei’us.  They both share the same hebrew root to allude to the fact that only with friendship and brotherhood in our hearts can the holy and cleansing effect of Rosh Hashanah be manifest.

With this new found insight into the power of friendship and its connection to Rosh Hashanah, we can now understand the significance of sending our loved ones and acquaintances a Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah Gift Basket.  Only Kosher Candy (www.onlykoshercandy.com) has just rolled out their new line of breathtaking Rosh Hashanah Gift Baskets which are filled with all the traditional symbolic Jewish foods (which we discussed in last year’s Rosh Hashanah blog). Succulent red apples, gourmet honey and more.

Only Kosher Candy prides themselves on providing you with the finest products in their exclusively designed gifts.  They only use top of the line honey from Savannah Bee Honey Company (https://savannahbee.com/) view their site for insights into their process of producing the finest honey in the country.


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Kosher Marshmallows

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Today we are going to discuss a very important topic. Marshmallows. There is such a long and interesting history to this humble food. Did you know that marshmallows were originally made from the marshmallow plant? Althaea_officinalis

Yes, there is a real plant called marshmallow, its official name is Althaea officinalis. It was used in the treatment of sore throats.
Today’s modern confection is used in many forms. Only Kosher Candy sells Kosher Marshmallows which are unique in the fact that they are manufactured using kosher fish gelatin. There are no animal derivatives which is a boon for those consumers who are particular about eating meat products.
People of all ages love marshmallows for the soft gooey sweetness. As a mom, marshmallows are super practical as a non sticky treat that won’t get the kids’ hands all sticky like traditional candies do.
With summer season upon us, what’s a family bbq like without marshmallows on a stick melted into s’mores. Bonfires are not complete without roasting marshmallows, and Only Kosher Candy has the super jumbo marshmallows (click here) which are double the size of the standard marshmallows for an extra dose of marshmallow heaven!
They also come in the fruity flavors which are so pretty to use to decorate cakes or cupcakes (click here). For my kindergarten daughter’s end of year party I sent in these pretty marshmallow cupcakes which stole the show. They are so simple to make and look so amazing. Frost your cupcakes with any color frosting. Cut a fruity marshmallow into 3 slices using a pair of kitchen shears. The cutting action will pinch the top and bottom of the slice into a petal shape. Place a few petals ontop of the frosting to make a pretty flower design.

IMG_3965[1]      IMG_3962[1]    IMG_3961[1]
Visit www.onlykoshercandy.com for great prices on all types of marshmallows. There is a quantity discount for bulk orders.

Kosher Skittles Have Come to Town at Only Kosher Candy

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Try singing that to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy, it goes pretty well!

Well yes, the rumors have been confirmed…world-famous Skittles are now officially kosher with heimishe certification.  We are proud to be the first to offer them for sale online and we are already shipping!

So come on down and order Fruits and Crazy Sours.

Chanuka Lighting Sale

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Time to light up the night with our chanukah candle and olive oil kits.  We are offering 10% OFF our hanukkah Gelled Olive Oil kits and traditional colored candles.

Ever wonder why every kit comes with 44 pieces?  Because on the first night of chanuka we light one light and add one for every night – which equals 44 lights!